Becky actor Brenda Ngeso talks about her relationship with Tito & battle with goitre

Becky actor Brenda Ngeso talks about her relationship with Tito & battle with goitre

Popularly known for her role Maureen in Citizen TV’s ‘Becky’ series, Brenda Ngeso has for the 1st time talked about her health struggles and clarified the nature of her relationship with fellow cast Sammy Mwangi ‘Tito’

Brenda Ngeso 'Maureen' of Citizen TV's Becky series

In the glittering world of television fame, actress Brenda Ngeso, known for her role as Maureen, in the popular Citizen TV series ‘Becky’, recently revealed a personal battle that has been taking a toll on her life.

In an interview with local media houses on December 10, she shared the challenges she’s faced while dealing with goitre, a health condition impacting her voice.

The mother of one shared that she has been grappling with goitre, a condition affecting her voice, and throat, and causing swelling in her eyes.

Brenda Ngeso 'Maureen' of Citizen TV's Becky series

Goitre is characterised by a lump or swelling at the front of the neck, resulting from an enlarged thyroid gland situated just below Adam’s apple.

The actress expressed the difficulties she faced, especially when people, unaware of her health condition, criticised her voice.

Brenda disclosed that she joined the ‘Becky‘ series while amid her health challenges. Despite facing criticism about her voice online, she remains optimistic about overcoming the hurdles as she continues with medical treatment.

“I came to Becky when I was not so okay. I have been battling the first phase of GOITRE and it has given me different challenges in my life like my voice, my throat, and my eye swelling.

“And people who dont know that tend to attack me, especially with my voice. They find my voice funny and dont know what am going through. It’s been a struggle. but am hopeful that I’ll overcome it coz am under medication,” she said.

Brenda Ngeso 'Maureen' of Citizen TV's Becky series

The actress acknowledged the online bullying she faced due to her voice and health condition.

However, Brenda displayed resilience by choosing to laugh off the negativity. In response to the online attacks, she shared,

“If you bully me I’ll just laugh at it. At the end of the day if it makes you happy to bully someone, then you have a problem. You need to work on yourself.”

Brenda Ngeso 'Maureen' of Citizen TV's Becky series

She emphasised that they are good friends and have been close even before their roles in ‘Becky.’

“No, we are not dating. Sisi ni mabrathe. Amekuwa beshte yangu for the longets even befor Becky na tuko industry moja,” she said.

Citizen TV Becky actor Sammy Mwangi 'Tito'

Amid fame, Brenda shared a powerful message urging individuals not to let fame dictate their lives.

She cautioned against allowing fame to ruin one’s life, emphasising that it only takes a few shots for fame to have a detrimental impact.

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