#BBNaijaAllStars: 4 situationships that looks promising

#BBNaijaAllStars: 4 situationships that looks promising

The Big Brother Naija All Stars house is not just a battleground for competitions; it’s also becoming a hotbed of budding romances!

Among the housemates, four situationships have already caught the attention of viewers, promising thrilling twists and turns in the love department.

Soma and Angel

From sweet whispers to cosy bedtime chats, this duo seems to have found a special connection. Their chemistry is undeniable, leaving fans wondering if their late-night cuddles might turn into something more passionate.

Pere and Uriel

The kitchen heat isn’t just from the stove as Uriel playfully grabs Pere’s butt, igniting some cheeky banter between them. However, Cross playfully warns Uriel of Pere’s player reputation. Uriel, not one to back down, humorously retorted, “Are you serious? I’ll be walking like a zombie!” Despite the playful teasing, there seems to be more to this duo than meets the eye. Just before entering the Big Brother house, Pere and Uriel collaborated on a music video, and there were videos of them sharing a kiss during the shoot. This added fuel to the fire of speculation about their possible connection.

Pere and Mercy

It didn’t take long for sparks to fly as Pere confides in Ike about his admiration for Mercy and his interest in wanting to get to know her better in the house. Their bedroom chat hints at potential romance, but will it lead to a full-blown love affair or just a fleeting flirtation?

Cross and Mercy

As Cross said on the first night during the introduction “I’m a lover boy”. In the same conversation where Pere confessed his attraction to Mercy, it came to light that Cross may also be interested in getting to know Mercy better. It already seemed like a competition, Tolani Baj said, “May the best man win”. it’s a love triangle waiting to unfold!

Cross and CeeC

Despite revealing an interest in Mercy, he also seems to like Cee-C. In a conversation with Pere about who the boys are crushing on, Cross expressed his interest in her but sounded not too serious. He also revealed that CeeC is his neighbour and he wants to get to know her better now that they are in the house together. A subtle reminder that CeeC mentioned on stage during the opening night that, she is not going to be distracted by any man this season that she wants to focus on winning the prize money. Lately, they’ve been seen getting close and promising massages. Looks like if Cross applies the right amount of pressure, they may have chemistry.

With emotions running high and alliances forming in unexpected ways, the All Stars house is quickly becoming a hotbed of love connections.

As the days pass, fans eagerly await to see if these situationships will blossom into steamy romances or end in heartwarming friendships.

Will we witness a #BBNAllStars power couple emerge, or will love take an unexpected twist in this captivating season? Buckle up, because love is definitely in the air!


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