Apple employee award up for auction alongside uncirculated OG iPhone [U: Final sale prices]

Apple employee award up for auction alongside uncirculated OG iPhone [U: Final sale prices]

20-year Apple Award auction

Some rare Apple items are up for grabs in a new auction starting this afternoon. Among the items are a very rare 20-year Apple employee award, an uncirculated original iPhone that’s not just sealed in the Apple packaging but also the cardboard shipping box from FedEx, a 4GB sealed original iPhone, and more.

Update 10/31: With this Apple auction now ended, here’s what the final sale prices ended up at.

The uncirculated 4GB sealed original iPhone wasn’t able to touch the $190,000 record, but it did garner $133,435.

Meanwhile, the rare 20-year Apple employee award went for a more reasonable $5,316.

The new lot of Apple memorabilia comes from LCG Auctions with bidding opening at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET today. That’s the same auction house that delivered the highest-priced sealed original iPhone sale at a whopping $190,000 back in July.

In total, there are four sealed original iPhones up for grabs this time with two of them being more rare.

First, there’s another 4GB sealed original iPhone that was only produced by Apple for a couple of months. That’s starting with an opening bid of $20,000.

The other rare iPhone is an uncirculated sealed original 8GB model that’s still in the FedEx shipping box. That’s starting from $10,000.

Another interesting rare Apple item up for sale is a black aluminum 20-year Apple employee award, which we exclusively reported on back in February:

That’s starting with a $2,500 opening bid.

Finally, there’s a sealed original iPod up for auction that’s going from a $5,000 opening bid.

You can check out all the new Apple items on LCG’s website with bidding open for the next 16 days (starting October 13 at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET).

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