AllCode Partnering with AWS Chime SDK

AllCode Partnering with AWS Chime SDK

San Francisco, CA, May 07, 2023 –(– AllCode, a leading provider of cloud-based software development services, is happy to announce that through its AWS (Amazon Web Services) partnership, they will offer AWS Chime SDK, a real-time communications software development kit (SDK) for developers.

AWS Chime SDK is a set of components that allows developers to easily add audio and video calling, chat, and screen-sharing capabilities to their applications. With this partnership, AllCode can now provide its customers with access to these high-quality communication tools, which are scalable, secure, and easy to use.

With AWS Chime SDK, AllCode can offer their customers features such as:

High-quality audio and video calling: AWS Chime SDK provides high-quality audio and video calling capabilities that can be integrated seamlessly into any application.

Real-time chat: AWS Chime SDK also provides real-time chat capabilities that can be used to enable text-based communication between users.

Screen sharing: AWS Chime SDK includes screen sharing capabilities, which can be used to share content between users during a call.

Scalability: AWS Chime SDK is built on AWS, which means that it is highly scalable and can support a large number of users without any issues.

Security: AWS Chime SDK includes built-in security features that ensure that all communication is secure and private.

AllCode is thrilled to partner with AWS Chime SDK and provide our customers with a powerful and reliable real-time communication solution. The partnership between AllCode and AWS is a key step toward providing developers with the tools they need to build powerful, secure real-time applications. With the addition of AWS Chime SDK, AllCode is now in a position to offer a comprehensive suite of services that will enable developers to create secure, high-quality audio and video applications. “AllCode are excited to partner with AWS and offer AWS Chime SDK to developers,” said Joel Garcia, CEO of AllCode. AllCode expect this collaboration will improve our ability to meet the needs of our clients by giving them access to the resources they require to develop robust, trustworthy real-time applications.

In addition to its software development services, AllCode is also involved in the open-source community. They have contributed to a number of open-source projects and have developed their own open-source tools and frameworks. Overall, AllCode is a reliable and experienced software development partner that can help businesses of all sizes to develop and maintain high-quality software applications.

About AWS Chime SDK

Chime SDK is simple and powerful.

Develop Faster

Amazon Chime SDK’s pre-built communication building components accelerate application development. AWS SDK server lets allow to create sessions and manage attendees. Amazon Chime SDK supports iOS, Android, and Javascript. Chime SDK’s pre-built communication building blocks to speed up development.


Using the Amazon Chime SDK allows to take advantage of AWS’s extensive experience in the field. Under this setup, nothing won’t have to worry about anything related to networking, communication, or infrastructure. Each user will only be charged one flat cost per minute regardless of whether they use video, audio, or screen sharing. With the Amazon Chime SDK, it can provide attention solely to application and its end customers.

Build Up Programs

This application’s functionality will be enhanced by integration with other Amazon Services. If it integrate with the Chime Voice Connector, for instance, users can utilize their phones to join media sessions.

Amazon Chime Software Development Kit Prerequisites

When a meeting is being held, the server application is in charge of organizing and serving the necessary data to the client application. In order to function, the server app must have permission to use the aforementioned IAM role within the Amazon account.

A client app is part of the system that makes media connections after receiving meeting and participant data from a server app.

How to get up and running using the Amazon Chime Software Development Kit.

Meeting- A temporary asset with its own MeetingId. A meeting is assigned to a collection of hosting media services.

Organization providing services to the media- The conglomeration of news organizations behind a current gathering.

Promotional Activities in the Media- URLs that are specific to a certain region, collectively representing a variety of media services.

Attendee- An individual at a meeting represented by a single Attendee. Meeting participants can come and go as they want when using a client application created with the Amazon Chime SDK client library.

Token of the union- A special token is given to each person in attendance. The join token is used by participants as their proof of identity while accessing the media service.

Overall, partnering with AWS Chime SDK provides AllCode’s customers with a powerful set of real-time communication tools that are scalable, secure, and easy to use. This allows AllCode to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to its customers that meet their specific business needs.


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