All The Traps He Set For God’s Daughter Didn’t Work So He’s Asking For Another Chance

All The Traps He Set For God’s Daughter Didn’t Work So He’s Asking For Another Chance

We agreed we were not going to be intimate until marriage. I proposed and he accepted it wholeheartedly. I was happy. It had been the reason my relationships didn’t last so looking at the glee with which he accepted, I was very hopeful that this one was going to work.

On our first date, he suggested the cinema. I was over the moon. No one has ever taken me to a cinema. We entered a place that looked like a house. I saw the sign that said  “Movie House.” We entered and didn’t see anything that looked like a cinema. There was a small bed and a TV with a movie already playing. I asked, “Where’s everybody?” He said it’s VIP so it’s meant for only two of us.

He started getting touchy. I reminded him of the promise not to do it until marriage. He started waxing lyrical about his emotions and how he couldn’t stand my body. He made a move. I swatted him off and left the place.

He apologized the following day. Love forgives so I forgave him. We were at his place watching a movie on his laptop. All of a sudden the movie switched to sexual scenes where male actors started pushing things into the female actors. I asked what that was supposed to mean. He said he wanted me to see how sweet sex was. In a nutshell, he was trying to put me in the mood. I left him alone and went to my house.

The last attempt was just days ago. He gave me a drink and laced it with something that would hype my libido. His insistence for me to drink the whole thing made me suspicious. Every minute biaa, he would tell me, “Drink. It’s nice. Make sure you drink everything.”

After one sip, I didn’t feel alright. I got up and told him to give me a minute. I went home to sleep the feeling off. He called to ask me to come for my bag. I sent someone for it and sent him a message afterwards; “I’m happy for these few months we’ve spent together but your method scares me. I can’t continue to put myself in harm’s way. You’re fire but I’m not ready to be cooked so goodbye.”

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As usual, he came apologizing but I’d learned not to forgive the hundredth time so I said no. He’s still in the shadows, whistling for my love. Whispering for us to give it one more chance. He’s red and all I want is a white flag so no.


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