‘Al-Molhad’ receives 16+ rating from Censorship Authority

‘Al-Molhad’ receives 16+ rating from Censorship Authority

Journalist and writer Ibrahim Issa announced on his Instagram account that the film “Al-Molhad” (The Atheist) obtained a screening license from the Censorship Authority for Artistic Works, with an age rating of 16+.

Directed by Mando al-Adl, “Al-Molhad” stars Ahmed Hatem, Mahmoud Hamida, Hussein Fahmy, Sherine Reda, Sabreen, Tara Emad, and Naglaa Badr.

The film addresses topics such as religious extremism leading to disbelief and atheism.

Issa says that he wrote this film due to the rising trend of atheism among youth in Arab and Islamic countries.

He felt that the time has come to shed light on the issue, and rationally look at the difference between atheism resulting from excessive thinking about religion and extremism that occurs without thought or contemplation.

Director Mando al-Adl commented on the backlash the film has received before it even released in cinemas.

He explained, during an interview on the “Radio Laughs” program, that “The controversy stemmed from the film’s name as we are addressing a thorny issue. However, it is a widespread phenomenon in our society that we can no longer turn a blind eye to it.”

He also attributed the controversy to Issa, the film’s author, whose name has been correlated to controversial artistic works in society tackling religious topics.

He added that he is open to any reactions that will be triggered from the movie, which he called “the boldest Arab film” and “a difficult and sensitive work”.

The movie is expected to be released within two or three months, according to Adl.

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