Actors Guild of Nigeria to Host International Festival in Miami, Florida

Actors Guild of Nigeria to Host International Festival in Miami, Florida

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has unveiled plans to organize an international festival in Miami, Florida, in partnership with the African Travel Film Festival.

AGN’s National President, Emeka Rollas, revealed the festival’s objective during a news conference in Lagos on Tuesday. The event, scheduled from November 9 to November 11, seeks to establish networking platforms for Nollywood actors with their international counterparts, encouraging cross-cultural collaborations in filmmaking.

Emphasizing the significance of the festival, Rollas explained that it would facilitate exposure for Nollywood actors to casting directors and producers worldwide, fostering potential cross-cultural partnerships that would benefit the Nigerian film industry economically and elevate Nigeria’s global standing.

Dr. Alex Okoroji, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, expressed excitement over hosting the festival in Miami due to the city’s vibrant cultural scene and a substantial population of Nigerian and African immigrants. The festival, themed “The Future of Nollywood Actors in the Global Economy,” will encompass a range of events, including red-carpet galas, film screenings, panel discussions, workshops, and city tours.

“This festival will be a celebration of the brightest Nigerian film and television actors and it will feature a wide range of events.

“The events include a red carpet gala and awards, film screenings, panel discussions, city tours, workshops, and seminars.

“Actors, filmmakers, and other creative professionals can network and learn from each other as well as meet and engage with their fans and supporters in the diaspora,” she said.

The festival’s official hosts will be Nancy Isime and Joseph Benjamin, and over 70 Nollywood stars are slated to attend the event.

AGN aims to leverage this platform to showcase Nigerian talent to a global audience, foster cultural understanding, and bolster bilateral ties between Nigeria and the US.

“We believe that the festival will be a great opportunity to showcase Nigerian talents to a global audience and promote cultural understanding, fostering the bilateral ties between Nigeria and US.

“We are grateful to the African Travel Film Festival for partnering with us on this project and supporting our mission to showcase Nollywood actors to the world.

“This affords actors the opportunities to network, learn from some of the best in the business. We will also be celebrating the incredible talent and creativity of our actors,” Okoroki continued.

Former national president of AGN, Segun Arinze, commended the guild’s initiative, asserting that such a laudable festival would encourage Nollywood actors, many of whom have sought opportunities abroad in pursuit of better livelihoods.

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