Xian Lim ‘very happy’ in new relationship with producer Iris Lee

Xian Lim ‘very happy’ in new relationship with producer Iris Lee

MANILA, Philippines: Nearly five months after confirming his breakup with Kim Chiu, actor-director Xian Lim admitted that he was in a relationship with film producer Iris Lee and that “we are very happy.”.

Lim confirmed this in an exclusive interview with Esquire magazine, released on Thursday, May 2.

“Yes, I’m seeing Iris. Just to clear everything, to clear all the speculations. We are seeing each other and we are very happy,” Lim said.

The 34-year-old Kapuso star shared he felt the need to speak up because of the absurd articles and false rumors circulating about his personal life.

“I am ready to talk about it. It’s just all over the place and, I think, ang dami nang dagdag, ang dami nang bawas (a lot has been said and left unsaid). Naglabas naman kami [ni Kim] ng (Kim and I released a) statement to clarify things,” said Lim.

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“Of course, we have so much respect for our supporters. And yung na-build namin (ANd what we built) over the course of 12 years. But things in life happen. The unexpected happens and we broke up. It just pains me na maraming that there’s a lot of) hearsay, maraming dagdag-bawas sa kuwento (a lot has been added and discarded in the story),” he continued.

“Una sa lahat (First of all), Iris is a talented filmmaker. She’s my producer and she’s also my creative partner,” Lim pointed out.

Lee is known as one of the producers from Viva Communications Inc., having worked on films such as “Bird Day” (2016), “Deleter” (2022), and “Hello, Universe!” (2023), where Lim worked as the director alongside her.

Lim then dismissed speculations that Lee was the thirdparty in his 12-year relationship with Chiu.

“These are the things that I want to clarify, number one: that there was a third party [involved in the breakup with Kim]. There’s no third party. That’s it. That plain and simple,” he said.

Lim then turned down claims that he had a secret marriage.




“Another rumor: when I see my friends—the people who are the last to even care about these things—kino-congratulate na ako. They say, ‘Congratulations on the marriage in New York!’ And I’m, like, ‘No, I am not married,” he shared.

“And there’s also this one absurd article, or a thing said about me, that I have been living with someone for years na daw. The only people I live with is my mom, my lola, my lolo. These are the things na, parang (like), it’s just so absurd and it’s just… why?! Things happen in life that we’re not going to be able to control. And as much as we don’t want it to happen, life happens,” he continued.

“And it just pains me na parang may mga taong nadamay. (that it’s like there were people who were linked). That just really saddens me and that’s very unfortunate. Ang busy-busy ni Iris, ang busy-busy ko Iris and I are both busy). She has a lot on her plate, and I have a lot on my plate. And, you know, she doesn’t deserve all that flak. We don’t deserve that because all the things na (that) people are saying, there’s no truth to any of it,” Lim also said.

Lim started dating Chiu in 2012. They both worked in projects such as “My Binondo Girl” (2011), “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” (2012), “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo” (2013), “Bride for Rent” (2014), “Past Tense” (2014), “Must Date the Playboy” (2014), “The Story of Us” (2016), “Love Thy Woman” (2019), and “Always” (2022).

The former reel-to-real couple called it quits on December, 23, 2023.


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