Work It Podcast: Must leaders have ‘executive presence’?

Work It Podcast: Must leaders have ‘executive presence’?

In a volatile business world, the concept of leaders having “executive presence” has come into sharper focus. What exactly does it mean, and can it be cultivated?

Entrepreneur, investor and CEO of Endeavor Linda Rottenberg is this week’s guest.

Linda Rottenberg, co-founder of American company Endeavor talks about leadership and the role of executive presence. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Gen Z is looking for purpose and looking for mission and looking for inspirational leaders … (but) I recoil a little bit when I hear what executive presence should be, and that there’s one type. That’s the trap we fall into.

Jump to these key moments:

  • 3:35 What does executive presence mean?
  • 7:41 Being able to tell stories is crucial
  • 9:28 Do you need to be good at public speaking?
  • 11:15 Can you get better at communicating well? 
  • 13:16 Crafting a presence that isn’t fake 

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