What to do if your car gets submerged in water?

What to do if your car gets submerged in water?

Th Francis Scott Key bridge collapsed in Baltimore, United States, killing six people after a ship collided earlier this week, People reported.

This incident has raised eyebrows, prompting doctors to share tips on how to stay safe if your car gets submerged in the water.

Dr Darria Long, a physician from Atlanta, has shared four easy steps, using the acronym “SWOC” which stands for “seatbelt off,” “windows open,” “out of restraints and out of the car,” and lastly “oldest children out first”.

According to the physician, you shouldn’t wait to find a glass breaker because that may take time, but rather you should try rolling down the windows as soon as possible, and try climbing out through it.

She said that those in the car should not go out through the door, as the “water pressure could make it slam back on you, and this will also make the car fill with water much faster”.

Experts suggest remaining calm and acting within seconds as waiting may decrease your chances of survival.

Furthermore, they suggest switching all interior lights on.

On Tuesday early morning, eight people were working on the bridge at the time of the collapse. Two people have reportedly been rescued, while six others are still missing.

The wife of one of the deceased workers has claimed that all the men were on a break and were resting in their car at the time of the collapse.

Video footage from the incident showed vehicles tumbling into the Patapsco River.

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