‘Time-varying tolls smooth out harbour tunnel traffic’

‘Time-varying tolls smooth out harbour tunnel traffic’

The government on Thursday said time-varying tolls have eased congestion at the three cross-harbour tunnels, with shorter queues at the crossings during peak hours.

The Transport and Logistics Bureau said preliminary data reveals “remarkable” results, with queues reduced by one kilometre at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, and by 0.5 km at the Eastern Harbour Crossing.

The bureau said some motorists have switched to the Western Harbour Crossing, where fees recently went down.

It added that during non-peak hours, traffic at all three crossings is smooth overall.

The bureau said it will keep a close eye on the crossings and consider adjusting the charging system if needed.

New toll charges took effect in December, with fees going up gradually ahead of the morning and evening rush hours, and decreasing afterwards.

It costs a car driver HK$60 to use the Western Harbour Crossing during peak periods from Monday to Saturday, and HK$40 to use the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Harbour Crossing.

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