This is the biggest change in RAM technology we’ve seen in years

This is the biggest change in RAM technology we’ve seen in years

Micron has started shipping a brand new type of upgradeable laptop RAM that is available to buy individually and in the latest Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 7. The new type of RAM module integrates LPDDR5X memory with speeds up to 7,500 MT/s. That’s really impressive, given the size and the fact that it’s even easier to install in a laptop than any other RAM module on the market.

The new module is called LPCAMM2, and it’s available in both 32GB and 64GB densities right now. Because of the larger memory pool, it’s unlikely we’ll see Micron’s new module appearing on any budget laptops anytime soon. But, if you’re buying a premium laptop in the future, it could make use of the new module, allowing you to upgrade in the future if you need more memory.

What makes this new upgradeable laptop RAM module so unique is its easy installation. It utilizes three screws on the module, which can easily be unscrewed to remove the RAM and replace it with another similar module. However, the LPCAMM2 does require a new socket on motherboards, which will likely ramp up the costs of the laptops that include it, at least for now.

The saving grace here, though, is that the new form factor will take up less than half the space of current form factors while also retaining dual-channel support. Micron says that the new module should be “future-proof” and will help enable better speeds and battery life on supporting laptops.

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The hope, on my end, is that this new type of upgradeable laptop RAM will open new doors for thinner, lighter gaming laptops, too. While those usually require SO-DIMM memory, which requires thicker slots and usually non-replaceable memory, the LPCAMM2 could meet in the middle, offering high-performance RAM that can also be upgraded.

Of course, we’ll have to wait to see just how many laptop manufacturers actually adopt the new form factor.

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