Snapchat Announces New Ad Analytics Partnerships to Help Improve Campaign Insight

Snapchat Announces New Ad Analytics Partnerships to Help Improve Campaign Insight

As part of its continued work to get its ad business back on track, Snapchat has today announced a range of new partnerships with third party data tools and ad platforms, in order to help ad partners make the most of their Snapchat campaigns.

First off, Snap has announced a new partnership with Snowflake, which will see Snap serve as a key mobile platform partner for Snowflake’s Marketing Data Cloud.

As explained by Snap:

“With the Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud, marketers can work from a single view of their customer, leverage privacy-preserving collaboration and native AI capabilities, and access leading marketing and advertising data applications to execute the full breadth of their marketing lifecycle. The integration with Snapchat will enable Snowflake clients to quickly implement Snap’s Conversions API (CAPI) signal solution without needing to build a bespoke back-end integration.”

The integration will essentially enable Snowflake users to more easily integrate targeting and conversions data from Snap, in order to drive better performance for their Snap ad campaigns.

Snapchat’s also partnering with AppsFlyer on an advanced privacy-centric measurement solution, which will enable Snap advertisers to get a better understanding of Snap’s performance via Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) attribution for their iOS campaigns.

“We’re leveraging PETs such as Data Clean Rooms and advanced encryption, making Snap the first and only AppsFlyer partner to implement this level of privacy encryption.”

The partnership will ideally be able to provide more insight into response and engagement via a combination of data from AppsFlyer and Snap’s systems.

Finally, Snap’s also working on a new and improved version of its Event Quality Score (EQS), which it says will help ad partners “understand signal health with greater precision”.

“Recommendations will now be personalized for each advertiser, making it easier for marketers to take action on the highest priority items that will drive the most impact for their businesses.

Snap’s ad business was hit hard by Apple’s iOS 14 change, which prompts users to opt out of allowing apps to track their data. Given the privacy focus of Snap, naturally, a lot of Snap users have chosen not to share that info, which has forced Snap to rethink many aspects of its ad platform, in order to drive better results.

And those changes have had an impact on its bottom line. Last year, Snap was forced to cut over 1,500 employees as part of broader efforts to rationalize its business. Indeed, Snap’s revenue results have remained fairly static, with six consecutive quarters of single-digit growth or decline.

Which is why Snap’s putting more focus on its ad analytics, and helping ad partners better understand the performance of their Snap campaigns, despite direct data restrictions.

Will that help Snap get its ad business back on track? Lower margins and improved analytics should yield better results.

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