Skepta will give all proceeds from ‘Tony Montana’ to Portable

Skepta will give all proceeds from ‘Tony Montana’ to Portable

Skepta and Portable’s Tony Montana has taken the industry by storm. In just four days the visuals for Tony Montana has gained a million views on Youtube.

Portable and Skepta are currently dominating music streaming platforms with their collaborative efforts. The duo’s successful partnership on the hit single Tony Montana has garnered widespread attention since their initial encounter at last year’s British Fashion Awards. Released on March 1, the track has swiftly amassed over 1 million views on YouTube, claiming the top spots on Spotify and Apple Music charts.

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Skepta reveals that all the earnings from his song “ Tony Montana “ featuring Portable will go to Portable . Skepta is worth over $20m and to him taking anything from this will just be him being selfish according to him .

Note , Skepta paid for everything ,…

— X-Daily (@X_Dailly) March 5, 2024

Produced by acclaimed British-Ghanaian record producer Jae5, the highly anticipated track Tony Montana soared to the number one position on Spotify Nigeria shortly after its debut. Notably, Skepta announced his decision to donate all earnings generated from Tony Montana to Portable. He emphasized that profiting from the collaboration would only reflect selfishness on his part.

It’s worth noting that Skepta covered all expenses associated with the production, including audio and video production. It demonstrates his commitment to supporting Portable’s career. As Portable often expresses, true helpers don’t burden those they assist.

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