Saudi Exports Win Nidlab Award for Best Financial Performance

Saudi Exports Win Nidlab Award for Best Financial Performance

The Saudi Export Development Authority won the “Nidlab” award for the best executive and financial performance for the year 2023, according to Saudi Press Agency.

This was during the annual closing ceremony of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program “Nidlab”.

Nidlab Award: Ceremony, Attendees

The annual “Nidlab” ceremony was also attended by a number of representatives from the private sector, government entities and executive agencies of the program.

The award was received by the CEO of the Saudi Export Development Authority, Engineer Abdulrahman Al-Zakir.

Nidlab, Recognition of Success

Thamer Al-Mishrafi, the official spokesman for the Saudi Export Development Authority, stated that the award marks a high point for the Authority.

Firstly, it acknowledges their achievements over the past year. Secondly, this success highlights their commitment to improving executive and financial performance.

Furthermore, it also supports their goal of enhancing non-oil exports, a key aspect of Saudi Vision 2030. Consequently, the Authority aims to focus on exporters’ needs, driving innovation and excellence.

Their goal is to empower exporters to compete globally and penetrate new markets.

About Nidlab Program, Saudi Vision 2030

The “Nidlab” program is integral to Saudi Vision 2030. It aims to elevate the Kingdom as a top industrial and logistics leader globally. This is achieved through key sectors: energy, mining, industry, and logistics services.

Additionally, it focuses on local content and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Importantly, these areas are crucial for boosting economic impact. The program recognizes and motivates efforts that align with Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious goals.

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