Nearly A Thousand XPeng G9 Vehicles Have Been Shipped to Germany

Nearly A Thousand XPeng G9 Vehicles Have Been Shipped to Germany

On April 9th, XPeng Motors announced that nearly a thousand XPeng G9 vehicles have been shipped to Germany. This is the largest overseas shipment in XPeng Motors’ history. It is reported that the total export value of this shipment exceeds 500 million yuan, making it the highest single-ship export value for high-end intelligent electric vehicles in China.

At the end of last month, XPeng Motors announced its official entry into the German market and will start selling international versions of XPeng G9 and XPeng P7 in Germany in May this year.

Among them, the price of XPeng G9 in the German market is 57,600-69,600 euros, providing three versions: rear-wheel drive standard range, rear-wheel drive long range, and four-wheel drive long range. The car is built on an 800V platform with a maximum range of 702km and equipped with dual-chamber air suspension and dual laser radar.

The price of the XPeng P7 in the German market is 49,600-69,600 euros, offering three versions: rear-wheel drive with long range, four-wheel drive high performance, and four-wheel drive with gullwing doors. The highest range is 702 km.

According to the latest plan, XPeng Motors will adopt a dealership model for sales in Germany. After starting sales in May, XPeng Motors will cooperate with 12 local high-quality dealers to operate at 24 retail points in Germany. The goal is to increase the number of dealers to 60 and expand retail points to 120 by the end of 2026. In the future, XPeng will also enter other European markets including France, Italy, and the UK.

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