My Vicious Mother-In-Law Fell Into the Trap She Set for Me

My Vicious Mother-In-Law Fell Into the Trap She Set for Me

The relationship between a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law can often become a family legend for many people. Our today’s heroine is a woman, 38, who has been happily married for over 10 years now. But her MIL has always been a fly in the ointment in her smooth relationship with her husband.

Once, she went so far with her attempts to break their family, that arranged a real trap for her DIL. But karma is a wise thing, and the vile MIL received exactly what she deserved.

A woman wrote a letter to our editorial and told us about her relationship with her vile MIL.

A woman, named Anna, 38, wrote a letter to us and told us a story that provoked many emotions both in her family and in our editorial, while we were reading it.

She opened her letter, saying that she’s been happily married to her husband, Tom, for over 10 years now, and they have 3 wonderful kids together. Anna detailed that all of their kids were born through an IVF, and it has never been a problem for their couple. But her MIL has always treated their relationship negatively.

In fact, she honestly believed that Anna didn’t deserve her son, Tom. Though Tom got married being deeply in love with his wife, and he has always been a loving and caring husband to Anna, her MIL was the root of all evil that has ever come to their family.

Anna explained, that her MIL would often call her “defective” and “miserable”, because Anna couldn’t get pregnant naturally due to her health issues. Anna tried to treat her MIL’s attacks with zero emotion, but of course it was extremely hard. The only thing that probably saved the situation was that their family and her MIL were living separately and her MIL’s house was far from theirs. And they saw each other not so often, but Anna wrote it still was enough for her.

Anna’s happy marriage has always been under a threat of a breakup.

Anna continued her letter, saying, “I have never thought that my husband’s mother could hate me so much, without any possible reason for this. She would do anything and everything to assure her son to leave me and our 3 kids. MIL didn’t treat her grandchildren in a proper way, too, calling them names and trying to tell them how they were born not like other kids were, and how it made them less decent than other human beings.”

It all was becoming really unbearable. Anna wrote that Tom was trying to talk to his mother multiple times, he questioned her why she was so negative towards his wife and never got any normal reply from her. She would mumble something like Anna was not from a decent family, her background was not good enough, and so on. Anna felt that she just wanted them to split, and that her MIL already had some plan on how she would arrange it.

Anna wrote, “She did a lot of things to make Tom believe that I’m a bad wife, that I’m cheating on him, that I’m a bad mother, that I have a bad reputation at work. She made up different stories about me, she gossiped a lot about my life, and not even a word of what she had ever said was true. I could only envy what a good imagination she had, and what a strong inspiration for gossiping she took from her favorite soap operas.”

One day, Anna’s MIL went too far.

Anna continues her letter, writing, “Yesterday morning I came home from a grocery store and decided to take a nap and my husband was downstairs watching TV. I didn’t hear the doorbell ring, but then Tom woke me up and told me that there was a police officer standing outside our door.”

Anna was puzzled at such a visit, but Tom mentioned that he suspected it wasn’t a real officer, he said that the officer didn’t really look like one.

Anna got dressed, went to the door and asked who was there. The person outside replied, “Police.” And it was enough for Anna to realize that Tom was actually right. Anna wrote, “I know that if a police officer is on duty, and they come to visit you at your house, they must tell you their last name, announce that they are an officer and tell their purpose for being there.” She added, “They don’t just say, ’police.’”

She continues her story, saying, “I looked out of the peephole and there was a young man in a uniform that looked very much like the ones officers wear here, but many attributes were missing. There wasn’t even the name of the officer on a badge, no proper vest, no walkie-talkie or even a radio, and no body camera. The man outside my door had none of the things I mentioned should’ve been there. He did look quite realistic though and could probably even fool some elderly person or a kid, but not me.”

Anna was not a person whom one can easily trick or deceive.

Anna revealed that she used to serve as a police officer in the past, but only Tom, her husband, knew about this fact of her biography. She preferred not to talk about it in her family circle and her MIL didn’t know about it either. She was, in fact, not so much interested in Anna’s personality or her biography, she just hated her out of nowhere.

So, Anna continues her story, saying, “We let this young man in, I asked to check his ID and he said no. I was like, ‘What do you mean, no?’ If someone asks to check your ID because they want to make sure you’re a real police officer, you can’t say no. A real police representative should have no problem with it. Then I looked at the place where his duty belt should be, and there was just an ordinary belt people use to keep their pants together.”

At first, Anna didn’t really think MIL had something to do with it but then the “police officer” asked for her name and said he was here to arrest her because she had illegally married Tom. That’s when Tom and Anna both understood that the old lady has found another way to try and mess with them. So Anna asked the guy if he had a warrant to arrest her. He didn’t. He even couldn’t explain what it really meant to “illegally marry someone”, and couldn’t quote any law.

So, Anna just laughed at his face and told him to stop making so much fun at their place.

Anna’s MIL finally got her karma back.

Anna revealed that she immediately called the real police, and they arrived to their house. She said that she felt sorry for the young guy because he was just fooled by someone older and more evil than him, but she also admitted that he should have had his own head on his shoulders.

So it was revealed later that Anna’s MIL sent this naive guy, all dressed up, to make a mess in Anna’s family. He was in the police station and was inevitably going to face charges. Anna’s MIL was taken to the police station, too, and she was going to get her official punishment as well.

Anna closed her letter by saying, “Hopefully, that’ll teach her to never mess up with other people and maybe this will help her understand that no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be able to break my family. I still have no idea what was the end goal of MIL’s cheap performance, but she has really outdone herself on this one.”

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