Moira, an Active Pittie Mix, Seeks an Adventure-Loving Home to Be Her Next Sidekick on Hikes

Moira, an Active Pittie Mix, Seeks an Adventure-Loving Home to Be Her Next Sidekick on Hikes

Moira, the adventurous Pittie mix, has burst onto the scene for people in search of a furry friend. Brimming with energy and character, she offers not just loyal companionship but also a bundle of personality packed into a squat frame. Found as a stray on August 9, 2023, Moira seems to be ready to take on new challenges. Her persona as a lively girl seeks a crew of people of similar energy levels who can take her on hikes and train the pup. 

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The dynamic canine craves mental unlimited affection, with her response to commands being excited tail wags. With her boundless energy matching her enthusiasm for adventures, Moira is no stranger to thrilling ventures. She is always up for a treat, with an affirmation from her eager heart. However, beyond her smarts and zest for life, she is also a proven cuddle-baby who discloses new stunts every now and then. 

A travel buddy for hike trips and adventures


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Sneaking in kisses whenever she can, Moira’s affable nature makes her a delightful addition to any home. She has been fully equipped for her next adventure with all vaccinations conducted up to date. The pittie has a friendly temperament; she can easily go along with other dogs. Her well-behaved mannerisms make her an ideal playmate for other canines, regardless of their size and age. 

Moira is also great with children; her fun and adorable personality make her a great friend for playdates. Residing in a shelter located at 2741 S. Western Ave., Chicago, she waits to dazzle her way into people’s hearts. With her vibrant spirit and undeniable charm, Moira is the ticket to unforgettable bonding and adventure. But she is not the only dog that finds passion in hiking. 

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Stray dog befriends couple on a hike


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Another astonishing stray canine changed the course of her life after she began following a couple on their cycling adventure in Europe. Maggie Jo and Maeve stumbled upon an unexpected situation when the fur-baby, later named Monte, joined their journey. As the cycling duo pedaled through picturesque landscapes, she kept pace with them, even during challenging climbs and rests. Her persistence and adorable persona immediately melted Maggie and Maeve’s hearts.

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Montenegro, like many places, struggles with a stray dog population, with an estimated 100,000 dogs roaming its streets. Yet amidst this challenge, the story of Monte emerged as a beacon of hope, touching hearts across social media. Her determination was evident from the start, as she tirelessly followed the cycling couple, displaying boundless joy and enthusiasm. As the canine’s unwavering spirit won them over, she became their travel companion after being a homeless stray on the road. 


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Monte’s life took a surprising turn when Maggie recognized her need for medical care and took her in. The heartwarming decision emphasized the remarkable transformation of a stray dog from wandering around to becoming a cherished companion. Moira and Monte have set prime instances of the affection and energy that a canine can display when showered with love. 

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