Meeting local demand: Kalsec touts supply chain efficiency at new Singapore site

Meeting local demand: Kalsec touts supply chain efficiency at new Singapore site

This facility is the latest development in a series of global expansions by Kalsec, including the launch of its Savoury Product Innovation Centre of Excellence (SPICE Lab) in the Netherlands in November. 

During the past year, the firm had also announced new agreements to expand distribution in Colombia, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as its hops solutions across the US.

Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kalsec has regional headquarters in the UK and Singapore, with the latest facility in the island-state said to be part of its plan to diversify production locations and further extend its reach in Asia.

“The new Finishing and Distribution Centre in Singapore expands our regional footprint, which includes local sales offices and laboratories located across Asia. It allows us to take a more holistic approach in supporting our customers, including a dramatic improvement to order-delivery response times, especially for products in high demand in the region.

“Previously, all finished products were distributed from Kalamazoo. An immediate benefit of having this additional facility is a shorter supply chain, which provides gains for product shelf life. It also reduces logistics costs for cold-chain shipping,” ​Kathleen Koh, Vice President & Managing Director of Kalsec Asia, told FoodNavigator-Asia​.

Koh added that the company is now able to secure raw materials through more diversified ways, as it will be incorporating some locally sourced ingredients in its product components. This would help ensure a reliable supply for its customers.

Closer collaboration with regional players

For over 10 years, Kalsec has worked with major manufacturers and suppliers in Asia, providing a wide-ranging portfolio of natural ingredients for savoury food and brewed beverage applications.

Our high-quality taste and sensory, natural colours, and food protection solutions support manufacturers and their brands to differentiate their products, while also meeting the expectations of today’s label-conscious consumers.

“For example, Kalsec’s crafted culinary flavours can help brands looking to capture an iconic flavour that consumers know and enjoy, or to create a unique product that encourages discovery.”

Specifically, its hot and spicy product line offers flavours ranging from naturally sourced chilli pepper extracts to the nuanced heat profiles of different cuisines around the world.

“Our concentrated spice, herbs and chilli pepper extracts deliver numerous benefits to our customers, such as authentic flavour profiles, consistency in flavour and intensity, and the option to replace fresh or dry ingredients fully or partially.

We look forward to closer collaborations with our regional partners, and expanding our network to bring more innovative food and beverage offerings to consumers in Singapore and beyond,” ​said Koh.

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