Mars First Logistics is even more delightful than it looks

Mars First Logistics is even more delightful than it looks

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An ungainly purple and blue six-wheeled space buggy in Mars First Logistics
Image credit: Shape Shop/Rock Paper Shotgun

At last, a game to unite Graham, Ollie, and me in a triumvirate of absolute dorks. Mars First Logistics is a game about designing little moon rover buggies to pick things up and drive them to somewhere else.

If you looked at it and went “ooh”, your coo lobe was right. “Design a vehicle” games are often too fiddly and/or competition-oriented for me, and trucking games too businesslike and grounded. This threads the needle beautifully. It’s challenging, but gently, prioritising an approachable design and smooth controls without sacrificing the satisfaction of solving a decent engineering puzzle. It’s even pretty, so that even plain driving back and forth is pleasant and rewarding.

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