Kenyan TikToker Offers 7 Tips for a Harmonious Relationship with Mothers-in-Law

Kenyan TikToker Offers 7 Tips for a Harmonious Relationship with Mothers-in-Law

  • Benjamin Bogonko has listed seven fundamental things any married woman should do to foster a positive relationship with her mother-in-law
  • Benjamin revealed that his insights are drawn from a combination of personal experiences, stories from family members, and daily stories shared by his followers.
  • He added that his passion for discussing relationships stems from the belief that our lives revolve around the quality of our relationships

Benjamin Bogonko, a Kenyan currently residing in the United States, has become a prominent figure for his recent video, offering valuable advice to married women on maintaining positive relationships with their mothers-in-law.

Benjamin Bogonko
Benjamin Bogonko who is based in the US, shared seven vital tips for married women to maintain a positive relationship with their mothers-in-law. Photos: Benjamin Bogonko.

Source: Facebook

In his video, Benjamin outlines seven fundamental guidelines that he believes can foster a healthy and respectful dynamic between a daughter and mother-in-law.

One of the key points Benjamin emphasizes is the importance of understanding and respecting the boundaries within the family structure.

He advises married women to be aware of the different roles within the family, including the mother-in-law’s, the husband’s, and their own as the daughter-in-law.

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According to Benjamin, it is essential for each individual to remain in their designated “lane” throughout the mother-in-law’s life, ensuring harmony within the family.

Furthermore, Benjamin draws attention to the profound bond between a mother and her son.

He encourages married women to acknowledge and appreciate this special relationship, as it can significantly impact the dynamics of a marriage.

By understanding the depth of this bond, women can approach their relationship with their mothers-in-law with greater empathy and sensitivity.

Another crucial aspect highlighted by Benjamin is the avoidance of competition and conflict with the mother-in-law.

He warns against trying to outdo or surpass the mother-in-law in any way, as this can lead to misunderstandings and animosity.

Instead, Benjamin urges women to watch their words and actions carefully to prevent unnecessary tensions and maintain a respectful environment.

When faced with challenges or accusations from the mother-in-law, Benjamin advises women to address the issues calmly and respectfully.

However, if the situation proves unresolvable, he suggests stepping back to avoid further conflicts and emotional distress.

Benjamin also stresses the importance of a woman’s autonomy in managing her family.

While considering the mother-in-law’s input is essential, women should feel empowered to make decisions based on their values and beliefs without feeling compelled to adhere strictly to the mother-in-law’s rules or ways of life.

Benjamin encourages self-reflection and evaluation of the marriage dynamic for women facing difficulties in their marriages due to excessive dependence on their mother-in-law.

He suggests contemplating the sustainability of the relationship if the husband’s reliance on his mother becomes detrimental to the marriage.

Lastly, Benjamin offers advice on how to respond to disrespect.

Instead of engaging in confrontations, he recommends maintaining composure, reducing communication with the offending party, and focusing on nurturing one’s relationship with their spouse and children.

In an interview with, Benjamin shares that his insights are a culmination of personal experiences, stories shared by family members, and daily anecdotes from his followers.

Having experienced different cultures and relationship practices outside of Kenya, Benjamin is deeply passionate about discussing relationships as they form the foundation of a fulfilling life.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Benjamin reflects on his journey of creating live videos, expressing his aspirations to work in the media industry and become an international motivational speaker.

Despite initial concerns from family and friends, Benjamin’s videos have garnered a substantial following, allowing him to inspire and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

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