Jessica From Love Is Blind Says Chelsea’s Feelings Were ‘Valid’ During That Fight With Jimmy

Jessica From Love Is Blind Says Chelsea’s Feelings Were ‘Valid’ During That Fight With Jimmy

Leave Chelsea Blackwell alone! The Love Is Blind star’s feelings about Jimmy’s big night out may have been valid—at least, according to fellow contestant Jessica Vestal.

Chelsea has been a divisive figure since the pods, where she went viral for telling fiancé Jimmy Presnell that she’s told she looks like Megan Fox. Fans immediately suspected Chelsea was feeling insecure over Jimmy’s relationship with other women in the pods, particularly Jessica, a single mom that also caught the tech sales executive’s attention. You can read her response to that controversy here.

Criticism over Chelsea’s behavior has only increased since she and Jimmy left the pods as a couple. One argument particular stirred up a lot of discourse after Chelsea (who appeared to be drunk) laid into Jimmy after he came home from a night out, revealing his sexual history with a friend that he’d disclosed to her in confidence off camera.

Now Jessica is sticking up for her friend, whose feelings she says are more “valid” than they appear in episode 10, which dropped on February 28. “I think the way she was shown makes her seem very clingy, but there was a lot in their relationship that was not shown,” she said during a recent appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files. “I will say that her feelings were more than valid.”

While Jimmy insisted during the argument he was honest about his social life in the pods, Jessica backed up Chelsea’s side of the story. “I think that she and I were both kind of sold on the same dream in the pods with Jimmy,” she said, claiming that he emphasized his willingness to “settle down,” despite living in an an area of Charlotte that is known for it’s “social scene” and would usually be considered a “red flag.”

“[Jimmy’s] like, ‘I live there but I don’t ever go out, like, I’m trying to settle down, I’m a homebody,’” she recalled, telling Viall that Jimmy went out “a lot” more than was showed during the season. “I know that there were some things that he had kind of promised both of us that, you know, when it came time to, like, live life with him that it’s not really how it was. So her feelings were valid.”

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