Hinds: ‘Criminals are listening’

Hinds: ‘Criminals are listening’


National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. File photo -
National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. File photo –

THE National Security Minister says he is cautious about revealing exactly what measures are being used to secure the borders as criminals could be paying attention.

Hinds was responding to questions from Naparima MP Rodney Charles, who asked what was being done to safeguard official and unofficial ports from contraband while finding the mastermind behind the recently seized $234 million cocaine shipment.

Hinds said the matter was still being investigated, with one person on charges of drug trafficking. But he was reluctant to go into further detail.

“These are issues of national security and the criminals are listening to these questions and the answers that are given.

“This is why I agree with the Prime Minister that we have to take stock of what we are doing in the air and work collaboratively to protect the people of Trinidad and Tobago, rather than to expose them.”

Hinds said a radar system was in operation which provides an added layer of surveillance, but maintained that any coast guard would be challenged to patrol every port of entry to a country.

In a supplemental question, Charles also asked why ports were not equipped with scanners to regulate the entry of cargo.

Hinds said both fixed and mobile scanners were available at the ports.

“Like all other equipment, they need upgrade and they need maintenance from time to time, but it’s not correct to say so, and that’s the kind of thing that the member for Naparima and his friends do –cast horrible aspersions on political parties, on people and most of all on all of Trinidad and Tobago.”

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