HFR Introduces Smart Distribution and Storage Solutions for Agriculture Logistics Powered by Private 5G

HFR Introduces Smart Distribution and Storage Solutions for Agriculture Logistics Powered by Private 5G

Press Release

Dec 21, 2023

Agricultural Product Fulfillment & Distribution Center

SEOUL, South Korea, December 21, 2023 (Newswire.com)

HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240), a leading Private 5G solution provider, has deployed an end-to-end Private 5G network for the “Smart Agricultural Product Distribution and Storage Technology Development Project” sponsored by the Korea Communications Agency (KCA). 

This project aims to develop automated agricultural product sorting and packaging solutions using robotics, sensors, autonomous vehicles and 5G connectivity. These solutions offer enhanced capabilities and improved operations across multi-variety crop processing at a fresh agricultural product fulfillment and distribution center.

The completion of Phase I included automatic sorting and packaging, as well as environmental control optimization throughout the Private 5G network. Phase II is under planning to promote further commercialization, additional features, and technology advancements targeted to be introduced in 2024 to 2026.

HFR built this Private 5G network based on its own technologies. Performance testing and certification were conducted by an accredited testing institution last October with the KCA.

Cho Beom-Geun, Head of HFR’s Product and Service Division, stated, “Private 5G is key to building communications infrastructure in the industrial ecosystem as part of the government’s policy. HFR believes this Private 5G network solution will serve as a foundation to expand into many businesses in the future using proven private 5G network solutions as a digital transformation (DX) enabler for SMEs and public institutions.”

About HFR, Inc.:

HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240) is the leading ICT equipment vendor in Korea, offering a full range of optical transport, broadband access with WiFi products, and Private 5G. For the last 23 years, HFR has provided innovative products to the world’s largest mobile operators. HFR has established strong partnerships with Korean mobile operators resulting in leading-edge technology, field-proven deployments, and expansion into the global market. For more information, visit www.hfrnet.com.


Source: HFR, Inc.

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