Halo Fans Can Save $20 On The Needler Nerf Blaster At Amazon

Halo Fans Can Save $20 On The Needler Nerf Blaster At Amazon

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Amazon is selling a Nerf gun based on the iconic Needler from the Halo series for only $80 right now. That’s a nice 20% discount off its normal $100 price point. Prime members can fast two-day shipping for free. You can order the item for yourself through the link below.

The Nerf Needler replica fires Nerf darts and comes with 10 Nerf Elite darts as well as a display stand to show off the item. The needs on the gun light up when you grip the handle. Note that the gun requires six AA batteries, and they are not included with the blaster.

It has a 10-dart rotating drum that fires off the replica needles like it would in the video game series. The toy weapon also comes with in-game content for Halo Infinite.

The Needler replica was originally announced and released in 2021. You can get a closer look at the toy weapon in the image gallery below.

If you’re interested in the Needler but don’t want to spend $80, you can snag the Nerf MicroShots version for $25. The Needler isn’t the only Nerf gun based on a Halo weapon you can buy. You can also pick up the Bulldog SG Pump-Action Blaster and the SPNKr. Other cool Nerf deals available now include this Fortnite Heavy SR Blaster for over 50% off and the Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster from The Mandalorian for over 30% off.


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