Gurpreet Singh: Being a part of Vanshaj and playing the mysterious Mr Baig has been a rewarding journey

Gurpreet Singh: Being a part of Vanshaj and playing the mysterious Mr Baig has been a rewarding journey


keeps viewers hooked with its interesting story, tackling gender roles and the complexities of inheritance, where men typically hold power as heirs. In recent episodes, tensions rise between


(Anjali Tatrari) and


(Mahir Pandhi) as the discovery of Yukti’s true identity becomes a focal point. The introduction of

Mr Rafique Baig


Gurpreet Singh

), has spiced up things as he joins the Yukti-DJ

merger deal

, adding to the ongoing intense battle for inheritance.

Gurpreet steps into the role of Mr Rafique Baig, a smart entrepreneur bringing drastic turns to ‘Vanshaj’. Known for his refined taste and sophistication, Mr Baig has an air of elegance and authority. He loves poetry, adding depth to his cultured character. His rich style reflects his wealth and influence. In a candid conversation, Gurpreet delves into the depth of his


providing insights into his dynamic role in the show.

Can you tell us about your character, Mr Rafique Baig, and his journey in the show Vanshaj?

In the show, Vanshaj, Mr Rafique Baig is a fascinating character with a complex journey. Initially introduced as a shrewd businessman, he evolves throughout the show. Throughout the series, he deals with complicated relationships and power struggles, making his story engaging and dynamic.

Mr Baig is described as a character with refined taste and elegance. How did you embody these qualities in your performance?

In playing Mr Baig, I aimed to showcase his refined taste and elegance through subtle acting choices. I paid attention to small details like his gestures and how he speaks, aiming to portray sophistication and grace in every scene. Also, careful selection of wardrobe and grooming added to the character’s overall sense of elegance.

What aspects of Mr Baig’s personality did you find most interesting or challenging to portray?

Exploring Mr Baig’s multidimensional nature is fascinating. His willingness to navigate the gray areas of business and his mysterious persona made it an intriguing challenge. It was important to balance his charm with a sense of mystery to give depth to the character.

The character of Mr Baig is involved in a merger deal with Multani and Mahajans. What is the impact of his role and how is he involved in the ongoing battle between Yukti and DJ?

Mr Baig’s role in the merger deal with Multani and Mahajan is pivotal, as it not only shapes the orientation of the business landscape but also intertwines with the personal battles between Yukti and DJ. His strategic operations and alliances significantly impact the ongoing power struggle, adding layers of intrigue and tension to the storyline.

Can you share any memorable moments or scenes from filming that stand out to you?

Filming Vanshaj has been an exciting ride with many memorable moments. One scene that sticks in my mind is the intense negotiation scene where Mr Baig displays his skills in the boardroom. The great chemistry among the cast and the thrill of bringing such important moments to life on screen made it truly unforgettable.

How did you find the overall experience of working on this show and portraying such a dynamic character?

Being a part of Vanshaj and playing the mysterious Mr Baig has been a rewarding journey. The exciting storyline and the chance to explore such a complex character pushed me as an actor and helped me improve a lot. The supportive cast and crew, along with the captivating story, made it a truly satisfying experience in the TV industry.

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