Ghana: Fraud Alert

Ghana: Fraud Alert

The Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA) has cautioned the public and stakeholders about a fraudulent letter currently in circulation attempting to solicit funds from unsuspecting individuals under the guise of clearance charges for shipped items.

The letter allegedly targeted a recipient named Mr Sadick Mensah, claiming that items shipped from the United States to Ghana necessitated payment of Ghc50,000.00 for clearance. The letter further urged an expedited deposit ahead of the specified delivery date of 07/11/2023.

The fraudulent communication also attempted to enforce a payment system that excludes VAT and NHIL charges.

However, the GSA has disassociated itself from this fraudulent communication.

The organisation clarified that it has not issued any such notice, nor has it authorised any entity or individual to act on its behalf in such matters.

The GSA emphasised that the said letter is entirely fabricated and should be disregarded.

In response to this deceitful attempt, the GSA has urged caution among recipients of such communications.

The Authority encourages anyone approached with a similar letter or related solicitations to immediately report the incident to the authorities.

The GSA has provided contact details for the police and a dedicated WhatsApp line to promptly report such fraudulent activities.

If contacted by the sender or a suspicious number in a fake letter, individuals are encouraged to contact the police via phone at 0244236266 / 18555 / 191 or through WhatsApp at 0206639121.

It advised stakeholders and the public to remain cautious and vigilant about potential fraudulent activities.

The GSA advised shippers to demand receipts for every payment and cautions against engaging with such dubious requests.

“> ADVERTISEMENTThe GSA reaffirmed its commitment to upholding transparency and legality in all its operations. It remains vigilant in protecting the interests of stakeholders and the public while ensuring adherence to legal regulations within the shipping industry.

For any queries or concerns related to this issue, individuals are encouraged to contact the appropriate authorities or the Ghana Shippers’ Authority directly.

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