Flavour And Odumeje Friendship Is Quite Inspiring

Flavour And Odumeje Friendship Is Quite Inspiring

I like the bromance between our revered man of God turned entertainer Odumeje and his best friend, Flavour.

It’s beautiful to watch.

Every man needs a male best friend.

Apart from being his best friend, he is also a brother, a teacher, someone you can play with the way Odumeje plays with Flavour, a brother who you can be all you want to be, and someone who plugs you into an opportunity to make money without feeling intimidated or insecure.

Flavour and Odumeje

Odumeje’s power clip went viral at the beginning of the year.

Instead of allowing it to go to waste, Flavour saw an opportunity to monetize Abito Shaker and other powers, and today, the two of them created a hit song that Nigerians are dancing to, which also made the duo richer.

That’s what Flavour is doing with Odumeje, and I love it.

When I started business in 2016, a close friend invested millions of naira in my idea without asking for collateral or a written document.

This person simply wants me to scale and grow, from the blogger I was in 2014, who relied on running Facebook ads for small businesses to pay bills, to reaching my full potential and becoming the man I was destined to be.

Male friendship is blissful.

It is beautiful, less dramatic, and less complicated than when you are dealing with the other gender.

I have experienced it, and I’m grateful for all the male friends in my corner who have my back forever.

Sometimes, not everything you want to share with your female partner, she might not understand or relate to, so you pick up your phone to call your favourite male friend.

He understands and can relate better, just because he is a man. He will then provide a template  on how to resolve the issue based on his personal experiences.

This is why this bromance between Odumeje and Flavour is important in the brotherhood eco system.

I wish the same for every young boy.

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