Returns for a Grand Celebration of Ethereum’s 10th Anniversary Returns for a Grand Celebration of Ethereum’s 10th Anniversary

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Building on the invaluable relationships and shared insights from last year’s inaugural event, the three-day conference will return to the University of Zurich. The mission is to connect the vibrant Swiss and global Ethereum communities, foster research and development efforts, and celebrate significant milestones in the history of this ambitious and innovative blockchain project.

The second edition of is scheduled to be held from April 5 to 7, 2024. It is set to be an exciting and significant Ethereum community conference in the Greater Zurich Area of Switzerland, a region that has played a significant role in Ethereum’s history, contributing to its evolution into a dynamic hub for the blockchain industry.

The three-day conference is hosted and co-organized by the University of Zurich (UZH) Blockchain Center, a world-leading blockchain hub and research institution, in collaboration with Duct Tape. The event will bring together a diverse community of over 500 participants from both the local and global ecosystems.

Furthermore, hundreds of industry experts, entrepreneurs, local and international liquidity providers, venture capital firms, and up-and-coming Ethereum startups will convene at accompanying side events throughout the week, reflecting the vibrant Swiss blockchain ecosystem.

With a renewed focus on enriching the community and fostering an innovative atmosphere, is connecting developers, researchers, academics, and students with various other stakeholders from the industry, enthusiasts, and other community members, becoming an impactful community gathering in the region.

The Vibrant Swiss Blockchain Ecosystem: Where History and Innovation Meet

Ethereum’s history is deeply intertwined with Switzerland, and it’s not a coincidence. The country is globally recognized for its leading role in digital innovation and blockchain technology. Its startup-friendly regulatory environment, strong commitment to privacy, and the abundance of service providers and top-tier research institutions make it one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world.

Given these favorable conditions, it’s hardly surprising that the first headquarters of Ethereum was established in Zug, Switzerland, at the so-called “spaceship.” The Ethereum Foundation was also established in this crypto-supportive environment of Switzerland 10 years ago.

Although the official launch of the Ethereum platform didn’t occur until July 2015 with the creation of its “genesis block,” this year also marks the 10-year anniversary of the project’s first public presentation by its co-founders and the publication of the Yellow Paper in 2014.

The Greater Zurich Area has since established itself as a global hub for the blockchain industry within this supportive and dynamic environment. It is home to many prominent crypto projects, companies, and organizations.

Besides the presence of established businesses and financial institutions that are already embracing the technology, the talent pool for blockchain solutions in the Greater Zurich area is remarkable. Several Swiss universities and research centers collaborate with blockchain and distributed ledger technology experts to support the next generation of blockchain developers and engineers.

The University of Zurich (UZH) Blockchain Center is a leading institution in this regard. With 65 members and researchers from the University of Zurich and top international scholars of the community, it is not only the largest academic initiative in Switzerland, but it was also ranked as the best university in Europe for blockchain in 2022 and the third best worldwide, where research is having the biggest impact.

The UZH Blockchain Center is serving as a world-leading competence center and blockchain hub that fosters and coordinates excellent interdisciplinary research across a variety of fields. It also sports a wide range of international educational offerings to undergraduate and postgraduate students, with industry leaders covering all areas of expertise.

Furthermore, the UZH Blockchain Center is actively supporting the advancement of Ethereum research and development through collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation on various research projects and initiatives, as well as by hosting and co-organizing the upcoming conference.

What to Expect at the Main Event

This year’s three-day conference will continue to focus on research and development, while also aiming to connect diverse stakeholders from the ecosystem to foster innovative collaborations.

Topics will range from highly technical, such as Ethereum Virtual Machine and Layer 1 Optimization, Layer 2s, Bridges and Scalability, Account Abstraction, to slightly less technical, like Identity and Privacy, Security, Decentralized Finance, and Community.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich learning environment, where they can gain valuable insights, share knowledge, and engage in meaningful collaborations. By attending the conference, participants will not only expand their network and build connections, but they will also have the chance to contribute to the advancement of Ethereum and blockchain technology, and foster innovation through various interactive sessions, workshops, and panel discussions.

These sessions will cater to attendees with different levels of knowledge, from basic to advanced, ensuring that everyone has the chance to learn something new. The conference will cover both established areas of knowledge and emerging technologies, allowing participants to explore and gain valuable insights. Additionally, the conference will provide an interactive and engaging environment that encourages meaningful discussions and debates, enabling attendees to share their experiences and exchange ideas with others.

To learn more about last year’s event, visit the Recap Article.

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