Daddy Owen clears the air on his relationship with Charlene Ruto

Daddy Owen explains his relationship with Charlene Ruto after Benny Hinn’s prayer

Daddy Owen speaks on dating Charlene Ruto after viral Benny Hinn’s prayer

Award-winning gospel singer Daddy Owen has been forced to explain the nature of his relationship with his first daughter Charlene Ruto.

In a recent interview, Owen sought to clarify that Charlene is just a supportive friend who is always willing to help in his community projects.

“This is something I have been asked severally and I answered… anyone will want to fabricate things around it and people started doing that

“But never did I ever mention something apart from what I have always said and also what she has kept on saying. I have always insisted that me and Charlene are just friends and she has been supporting most of my projects and I also do the same.

“So I don’t think there is something more that can be discussed past that,” Owen noted.

At the same time, Owen argued that he normally posts other people on his socials but Netizens are just insisting on Charlene.

He also mentioned that currently, he is not ready to make his relationship public following his previous experience.

“Marriage is not something that I’m thinking about right now. At the moment have many things that I’m doing, so I can’t say I want to marry anytime soon but I always say marriage is a good thing,” Owen added.

Just the other day, Charlene became a topic of discussion after asking Pastor Benn Hinn to pray for her to get a husband.

This promoted Netizens to react based on the fact that Owen and Charlene had been rumoured to be an item –something the two have now refuted.

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