Create Business: Pioneering The Future of Entrepreneurship and the Refund Sector

Create Business: Pioneering The Future of Entrepreneurship and the Refund Sector

Create Business (, headquartered in Australia, is a pioneering firm driven by a mission to empower individuals with independence and financial freedom. The company is applying innovative techniques to revolutionise the business world by introducing the concept of Refund Specialist services.

Established nearly two decades ago, Create Business leads the sector in providing an unconventional, yet lucrative, business opportunity. Through comprehensive training, ongoing support, and an operating model that requires minimal capital, Create Business enables individuals to dive into the dynamic waters of self-employment with confidence. 

The cornerstone of Create Business lies in its novel approach to entrepreneurship, Refund Specialist System. This business model thrives irrespective of the economic climate, positioning itself as a recession-proof enterprise. Operating as a mobile business, it equips enterprisers with phenomenal flexibility, allowing them to enjoy personal freedom whilst running their business.

Myriam Borg – The Resolute Founder

The driving force behind Create Business is its founder, Myriam Borg. An entrepreneurial innovator, Myriam was astute enough to identify an untapped niche in the refund consulting space, fuelled by her visionary mindset. This led to the advent of the Create Australia Refund Consulting Programme in 1999–a pioneering endeavour on a global scale.

Deep Dive into Refunding

Refund Specialist model is the strategic exploration and recovery of unclaimed funds owed to individuals, corporations, or governments. As refund specialists, the professionals at Create Business strive to ensure these often-forgotten funds reach their lawful owners, culminating in a win-win proposition for all parties involved.

Refunding offers a plethora of benefits aside from the financial incentives. It gives entrepreneurs the autonomy to dictate their work schedule and the freedom to operate from anywhere, thanks to its mobile-friendly nature.

Additional Perks of Being a Refund Specialist 

Arguably one of the most significant benefits of becoming a Refund Specialist is its resilience amidst economic downturns. As the need for these services persists irrespective of the financial climate, Refund Consultants enjoy a sustainable, robust income. 

Moreover, the trade involves working with both data and people, making for a career that is engaging and diverse. The satisfaction gleaned from reuniting estranged funds to rightful owners also provides an emotional reward, adding a unique incentive that only a few occupations offer.

It’s worth mentioning that beyond offering a business opportunity, Create Business provides individuals with a chance to grow personally, learn continuously, and make a positive impact in the lives of their clients. In essence, it goes far beyond a mere business venture to present a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. 

To conclude, Myriam Borg and Create Business have successfully crafted a contemporary and robust work solution, offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to carve out their niche in the business world. Offering a platform that merges financial freedom and work/life flexibility, Create Business is truly a pioneering force in the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Published On: March 15, 2024

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