ConstructConnect Wins Two More Comparably Awards: Best Leadership Teams & Best CEOs for Women

ConstructConnect Wins Two More Comparably Awards: Best Leadership Teams & Best CEOs for Women

For the second time in 2023, ConstructConnect is being named one of Comparably’s Best Places to Work. This time, ConstructConnect is honored to be among the winners of the awards for “Best Leadership Teams” and “Best CEOs for Women.”

Comparably is a website that collects anonymous employee reviews of their workplaces and allows users to compare companies based on the data. Throughout the year, the website grants its “Best Places to Work” awards to companies that rank high in certain categories.

ConstructConnect Has One of America’s Best Leadership Teams

Qualifying for the list of America’s Best Leadership Teams was no short order. According to Comparably, it considered 15 million ratings from team members of 70,000 companies before making its shortlist of the best 100 teams. For this award, respondents were asked how they felt about their direct leadership, their executive team, and their CEO.

Taking all that information into account shows how big of an honor it is to see ConstructConnect among the top 100 large companies.

From team managers to the Executive Leadership Team, ConstructConnect is dedicated to maintaining a culture of leaders who are not just experts in their fields but who also intentionally cultivate a people-first environment.

“The leadership team here always listens, offers feedback and shows they care,” reported one ConstructConnect team member in a Comparably review.

Another team member focused on personal and professional development, saying, “My leadership team is supportive of my individual success. They prioritize opportunities for growth and continuing education.”

From the individual to full organizations, a third reviewer highlighted, “[Leadership’s] down-to-earth approach, commitment to continuous improvement, diversity, and equality and how they empower their teams.”

Speaking to continuous improvement, a company commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts led to the creation of a DEI Board and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), such as The Women’s Group, which provides team members an open forum to champion forward progression for women and workplace equity.

ConstructConnect CEO, Matt Strazza, One of the Best Leaders for Women Team Members

Keeping focused on ConstructConnect’s leadership, Chief Executive Officer Matt Strazza has also been honored as one of the Best CEOs for Women employees. This follows ConstructConnect being named one of the Best Companies for Women by Comparably in 2022.

Similar to the Best Leadership Teams award, Comparably pored through millions of reviews from female respondents about the performance of their companies’ CEOs.

Since joining ConstructConnect in July 2021, Strazza has led and been an advocate for the efforts to continuously build a diverse and inclusive culture within the company.

Referencing these efforts, a ConstructConnect team member told Comparably, “I love that our CEO addresses world issues we are all struggling with here in the United States.”

Reacting to both Comparably recognitions, Strazza said, “The first award, for having one of the Best Leadership teams, truly highlights the positive culture that all of us have worked hard to nurture here. I view the second award, for being among the Best CEOs for Women, as also being all about our team and our organization’s commitment to career development.”

This Is Not ConstructConnect’s First Comparably Award Win

ConstructConnect is proud to have multiple Comparably awards to its name. Aside from the previously mentioned Best Companies for Women honor in 2022, earlier this year, the company also ranked near the top of the Best Product and Design Teams for 2023 list.

The awards from Comparably in 2022 and 2023 showcase ConstructConnect’s intentional cultivation of a culture focused not just on innovation, but also on acknowledging our differences and how these differences can combine into a unifying strength.

ConstructConnect is always looking for new team members to help support its ongoing mission. Please visit the Careers page to see the current openings.

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