All about the US-Kenya partnership in the film industry

The advancement of Kenya’s creative economy was celebrated at an intimate reception at Ambassador Meg Whitman’s residence.

The event linked to the creative economy was attended by different Kenyan celebrities among them Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress, Phillip Karanja, Nick Mutuma, comedian and content creator Crazy Kennar among many other creatives.

The event was also to celebrate the advancement of Kenya’s creative economy and new U.S.-Kenya partnership in the film industry courtesy of Invention Studios by Nicky Weinstock.

The reception further served as the embassy’s inaugural creative economy event of the year, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the Kenya-U.S. bilateral relationship. 

Previously,  an informal welcome and informational session had been launched at the Nairobi Street Kitchen that launched a new initiative for movie and TV writers: a first-of-its-kind partnership between a leading Hollywood company and the Kenyan government. 

Over four hundred participants attended.  The innovative pact is aimed at developing the local film and television industry through support to Kenyan filmmakers and content producers and bringing their creations to the world stage.

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