A New Chapter with New Leadership: Dr. Kpoto Leads Liberia’s Healthcare Journey

Former Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah handing over to Current Health Minster Dr. Kpoto

In a seamless transition marking Liberia’s ongoing government changes, today saw the official handover of the Ministry of Health leadership to Dr. Louise Kpoto. The ceremony, held at the Ministry’s headquarters, signifies a new chapter in Liberia’s healthcare journey, one built on continued commitment to the well-being of its citizens and the advancement of the national health system.

Outgoing Minister of Health Dr. Wihelmina Jallah emphasized the continuity of this commitment.

 “This handover signifies not just a change in personnel, but a demonstration of our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our people and the progress of our health system,” expressed Dr. Jallah.

She highlighted key achievements during her tenure, including the installation of PSA oxygen plants, five hospitals under construction, an Infectious Disease Unit in the pipeline in Maryland county to be supported by the Japanese government, and the integration of COVID-19 vaccines into routine immunization among others. Additionally, she stated the upcoming rollout of the Malaria vaccine in April 2024.

World Health Organization (WHO) Representative Dr. Clement Peter commended the smooth transition and reiterated WHO’s support.

“We have witnessed the seamless political transition and the change of leadership in the Ministries – a sign that Liberia is moving in the right direction. We want to see continuity as at the center of it all is Liberia for Liberians- as partners will wholeheartedly support the Ministry in continuing the journey embarked upon today,” exclaimed Dr. Peter. 

He further expressed his appreciation for Dr. Jallah’s work, emphasizing that a change in leadership doesn’t necessitate a complete overhaul. Instead, it reflects a unified vision for Liberia’s well-being and aims to accelerate progress towards achieving the health SDGs.

Ms. Bidisha Pillai, representing the UN family and the Health Partners Group, acknowledged remaining challenges.

“We appreciate Dr. Jallah’s dedication and the successes achieved through the Health Partners Group. As highlighted in the President’s State of the Nation Address, substance abuse, maternal health, and strengthening the supply chain remain key priorities. Honorable Minister, we remain committed to supporting the sector in addressing these challenges.”, she said.

Incoming Minister of Health, Dr. Louise Kpoto expressed her gratitude.

 “I thank Dr.Jallah for her leadership and the Ministry’s dedicated workforce. To our partners, a big thank you for the tremendous support over the years and be assured that it will not be business as usual. I will ensure accountability of all funds entrusted to the Ministry. To the Ministry staff, let us work together as a vibrant team to ensure productivity at all levels,” narrated Dr. Kpoto.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from the UN Family, USAID, World Bank, other partner organizations and Ministry of Health staff, demonstrating the collective commitment to Liberia’s health progress.

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