5 Minutes with … Kyle Ryde

5 Minutes with … Kyle Ryde

5 Minutes With … Kyle RydeKyle has been dominating championships since 2011, where he became the youngest British rider to win the 125cc Championship at age 14. Securing further title victories in 2014 in the Junior Superstock and the British GP2 Championship in 2019.  2021 saw Kyle sign with the then Rich Energy OMG Racing BMW, before the team switched to Yamaha’s for the 22 season as Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha and which they will once again contest the 2024 season on, with new backing from Grilla Energy Drink.

Kyle is currently in the midst of some fun Spanish winter training on his R6, we stole a few minutes to get the low down on what his been up while he was parked up during a very light rain spell at Jerez, you wont be shocked to learn that Kyle did try to convince the event organisers to let him out on track, its was just a light drizzle after all – perfect racing conditions by UK standards!5 Minutes With … Kyle Ryde

SBN: What’s your winter training consisted of?

Kyle:  I have been in Spain a lot this winter riding the R6, I have been doing some running and cycling and myself and my girlfriend have been going to a bootcamp together. I will be back out to Spain again to do some motocross and more time on the R6.

SBN: What’s your favourite UK Track?

Kyle: Donington by miles, not just because its 20 minutes away from my house but it suits my riding style and I have done well there ever since I was kid.

SBN: Do you have a least favourite?

Kyle: I’ve not got one really to be honest, I had two last year but I did well at them both so I couldn’t really say anymore, but based on past results I’d say maybe Snetterton. I love the track and it feels like I am going fast there but the results never say so.

SBN: If you had the opportunity to do any race in the world, what would it be?

Kyle: I would like to do the world endurance at Spa, on a nice sunny weekend on a Yamaha, that would be nice!

SBN: If you weren’t into motorsports, what do you think you would be doing?

Kyle: I’d definitely being playing Snooker a lot, I would probably try to become a snooker pro, I have got some sort of talent at it, though I don’t put a enough time into at the moment. I have been playing golf for about a year now, I was pretty shit to start with but I am very competitive and I hate being shit at things, I’m getting pretty good now but still need more practice.

SBN: What’s your Goal for 2024?

Kyle: After finishing 3rd last year in the championship to the Ducatis, I showed especially at Brands Hatch, that I was ahead of everyone else by a good few seconds. Now that  Tommy is on the Honda and not sure what’s happening with Glen’s ride*, the rules have changed with the harder tyre coming in which I don’t think will suit the Ducati as much as what last years did, I really only have one goal and that’s to win the whole thing.

SBN: Speaking of the last race, were there any specific team tactics?

Kyle: Not really, I tried to win the race and Ryan tried his best to get involved. Its hard to explain, but I have only been in that position once or twice in my life but when three people are battling for a championship you manage to find something that the people who aren’t battling for a championship aren’t doing . Even without the good riding that weekend, even in that race the last 6 or 7 laps, we just pulled a gap not for being any faster that Ryan we just had a lot more at stake and we managed to find a couple more tenths and unfortunately he couldn’t quite get involved, but we put a great effort up all year and hopefully we can do the same this year.

Finally, as now will be tradition – Kyle, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?   “Grapes”

*Since our interview it has been confirmed that Glen Irwin will be onboard the PBM Ducati for the 2024 Season.

Written by First Turn Media with photos by Matt Anthony Photography5 Minutes With … Kyle Ryde

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