38YO LeBron James’ Next Contract Set to Dethrone Anthony Davis and Jaylen Brown’s Richest NBA Deals Within 2 Years

38YO LeBron James’ Next Contract Set to Dethrone Anthony Davis and Jaylen Brown’s Richest NBA Deals Within 2 Years

The 2023 NBA offseason has seen some historic expenditures. The franchises on championship quests have barely looked at the salary cap, going on wild spending sprees. This led to two of the most significant deals in the league’s history. Jaylen Brown and Anthony Davis were the beneficiaries of two of the most historic deals struck in the NBA. However, The King, LeBron James, may soon put these two deals in jeopardy.

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It’s been 20 years since LeBron James entered the league as The Chosen One. Entering his 21st season in the NBA, however, the 4 time MVP still seems to have not lost a step. After his announcement at the ESPYs this year, it is clear that the 38-year-old is here to stay. However, in just two years, The King is about to ascend the throne of contracts too. Wondering how? Here goes.

LeBron James is set to ascend the throne of deals


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LeBron James has asserted his dominance in the league for two decades. He has defied all odds throughout his career to make an unbelievable resume for himself. However, The King still seems to have some milestones coming his way.

Jaylen Brown made history when he signed a five-year $304M contract extension with the Boston Celtics this offseason. This deal became the richest contract in NBA history. However, only until the Los Angeles Lakers forward, Anthony Davis signed his contract extension.

The Brow signed a three-year $186M extension with the Lakers that will tie him to the franchise till 2028. This deal became the largest annual extension in NBA history. However, LeBron James may overtake both NBA superstars in 2026.

LeBron James signed a whopping two-year $97M deal in 2022 that will only come into place in the upcoming 2023-24 season. This contract will expire in 2026. Now, if James decided to return for his 23rd season in the NBA, he will surpass his own teammate, Davis, and Celtics’ Brown, with his contract.

In 2026, Davis’ contract will pay the Lakers forward $57,604,894. On the other hand, Brown’s cap hit for his contract will be $53,676,000. However, if James signs with the Lakers in 2026, he is set to receive a whopping $62,974,800. An astonishing figure, given Davis and Brown’s whopping contracts. James will be receiving this figure duo an infamous NBA contract rule – The Bird Right. Understand more about this right below.

The Bird Right gives James the upper hand

Given Davis and Brown’s historic contracts, one cannot imagine a player, at the age of 40, earning more than the two superstars. However, LeBron James is set to achieve this unbelievable feat due to the Bird Rights. The Bird Rights, named after the legendary Boston Celtics forward, Larry Bird will give James the upper hand.


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The Bird Right is a term often tossed around during free agency. This right was first introduced in 1983 when Larry Bird was potentially going to experience free agency. The Larry Bird Exception, or “Bird Rights”, is explained as a way an NBA team can exceed the salary cap in order to sign its own free agents, provided the player plays for one team for at least three seasons without clearing waivers or changing teams via free agency.

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This iconic exception helped the Celtics retain their franchise player back in 1983. Now, it might help James earn a whopping salary in 2026. The 19-time All-Star has represented the Lakers since 2018 totaling 5 seasons so far. Due to this reason, James is eligible for Full Bird Rights, providing him the option to sign the $62,974,800 deal if the Lakers decide to re-sign The Akron Hammer.


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With the help of an age-old right in the NBA, James will overtake Anthony Davis and Jaylen Brown in just two years. Despite turning 40, billionaire James will still be able to add another achievement to his tally and amass more wealth.

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