3 key golf brands drop epic swag at the PGA Championship

3 key golf brands drop epic swag at the PGA Championship

Golf and swag are not usually two words that coincide, but certain brands combine them for their PGA Championship launches. In recent years, golf brands have put together limited-edition staff bags, balls, shoes, etc., for the majors. At first, all four majors had the swag to pass out, but more recently, it has become less prevalent.

The Masters sees the most limited edition stuff, but the American brands are gearing up for the PGA Championship. It’s a shame that not everyone released something for the second major, but it shows that these three brands understand their demographic. It isn’t a stretch to predict whatever limited-edition stuff they release to sell will be gone before the end of the weekend. Then there are the giveaways — those always have tons of submissions to win because people love special edition gear.

The brands participating are Callaway, TaylorMade and Nike. At first glance, none of these brands have missed the mark. They’ve produced some cool staff bags that most golf fans would love to have. Of course, Nike has come out with a shoe that screams swag.

Callaway and TaylorMade went all out for their staff bags as they honored Oak Hill Country Club in their designs. The ombre look on the TaylorMade is classic, but the gold and oak leaves are a really nice touch that completes the bag.

The Callaway bag is in your face and full of personality. The plaid with the giant acorn is not a bad look, but did they get their inspiration from a pair of Ian Poulter’s pants?

Both extended the design into their head covers, with TaylorMade using the white and blue oak leaf. While Callaway used a more geometric shape on their navy blue caps.

TaylorMade also came out with a limited edition golf ball called “Professional Championship.” The TP5 golf balls have acorns and oak leaves on them, tying in the staff bag, plus the ombre effect on the sleeves and box really ties it all together.

Nike chose to go with some color on their Nike Air Max 1 Periwinkle shoes that dropped on Tuesday. The brand goes above and beyond to tell a story about not just the tournament but where the event is. Rochester is known as the ‘Flower City,’ so going with the pink color makes sense.

Golf brands are trying to make the sport more appealing to everyone. Giveaways and special edition items for major weeks are a great way to do that. TaylorMade, Callaway and Nike understand that concept, and these releases prove that.

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